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Dec 12, 2012 1:00pm PST
't forget to check in at great video, all day long. >>> obviously with technology we're able to do x-rays, mris, all kinds of medical advance ths, but watch what we might be able to do now. >> what if instead of fearing the worst when you notice something out of the ordinary, you could identify the condition yourself. getting the right diagnosis would save you worry. and an unnecessary doctor's visit. >> now everyday people might be able to keep track of their health using -- basically just their smartphones and cool apps. >> instead of hearing about a viral outbreak on the news, imagine you got an alert. >> this new technology is called scan-a-do. from what i could tell from their press release, it uses images and sound technology and algorithms in order to make a diagnosis. this trailer i'm showing you is a little over a year old but they're now releasing different pieces. different parts of these applications so that people can utilize this in their own home. and it's not incredibly expensive. >> in serious cases, you would know when and where to seek help. >> so f
Dec 5, 2012 1:00pm PST
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Dec 6, 2012 1:00pm PST
expert zach. ho ho ho. >> how can we keep up with santa using technology? >> there are a lot of ways. one is called santa claus live, an internet site to check out live feeds at santa's workshop. >> the real santa. >> when he's awake and working check out a web cam inside his office and also you can see one all the time outside his workshop. >> that's his place? >> next one i have for you is nor rad track santa. on christmas eve watch him as he goes around the world and track him. >> they've been doing this for a while. >> the last way is called portable north pole. if you send in information about a loved one to santa, he will create a specialized personal message for that person. >> you sent in one for us? >> sent in information about both of you and santa made messages. >> let's hear them. >> oh, hello, beth. hello, steven. do you think you've been good since last christmas? let's see what my elves saw on their machine. you're not on my good list yet. >> what? >> you still have time, beth. >> there's still time for you. >> let's see. let's see if you made the good list. did steven make
Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm PST
. >>> and new at 7. technology development that may be able to predict landslides. thrive san francisco where she to bees researcher attempting find ways when and where landslides might happen. >> reporter: can wear in the sea cliff neighborhood. now researchers say that are learning more about exactly what causes happened to give -- happened to -- happened to give away. >> it was a catastrophic clash. and. the great effort bay area storm this is week had many homeowners watching the skies and the ground. including between i'll crest and wine i don't know street. >> there are been working installing new plastic sheeting and sandbags. >> reporter: a the question is how to tell when a landslide will happen. >> they do present a danger to the san francisco bay population. so we're doing as much as we can to quantity fie that risk. >> he presented his findings today. until now most research toes focused on amount of rainfall and link to landslide. >> we're trying to mono-- monitor the sub surface of the soil. . >> reporter: two years agent team placed monitor in four bay sites. >> we can discern
Dec 7, 2012 7:00pm PST
that declined 2.5%. >>> a report shows a surprising bang from the big bucks behind technology. silicone valley tech workers are creating more jobs simply by having one. >> reporter: lunchtime at the retail center in san jose can look like a race to eat with hungry workers from tech companies bringing their wallets and appetites. >> we to them a lot. deliveries, pick up orders, give them a big discount. they order from us a lot. >> reporter: a new report shows for every one high-tech job, 4.3 additional jobs and the local goods and services economy are created in the same region. >> anywhere you see concentration of high-tech workers you will see various other services pop up around them. restaurants, coffee shops, and, hair-cutting salon. various other services that workers demand. >> services like dental care. perfect smile expanded into this second office in san jose and hired 10 new employees because of demand. >> we had many patients coming in and the practice has been growing due to the industry right around this area. >> santa clara county leads the nation with close to 30% of the work
Dec 10, 2012 1:00pm PST
>>> the technology in this video is cool but makes me mad because wirdss can already fly and we can't. why do they need to do this? this is the bird buggy developed by a university of florida student andrew gray for a class project with dr. schwartz, dr. arroyo and the university of florida electrical and computer edge nearing division. this his pet pepper the parrot. pepper is on the bird buggy controlling it with his beak. moves it forward, backward, left or right and the buggy responds. pepper was trained to use this device and it comes equipped with onboard sensors to allow it to avoid obstacles. >> this is an invention for the pet bird because oftentimes the wings are clipped and they can no longer fly. >> awesome invention by andrew, but now, come up with a way for humans to fly. i just want to go out there. i can ride a scooter. pepper can ride a scooter but also fly and i can't. come on. >> steven, it's tech time once again on "right this minute." >> always a fun time. >> this time we're going to talk about something called hydro graphics. check this out. >> looks like what is that, l
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6